Midterm Elections on Nov. 6

Midterm Elections on Nov. 6

We are all working towards creating a Blue Wave. We want to flip the 04th Congressional District. We want to help out Democratic and progressive candidates wherever possible. Voting is the most important thing you can do—that individuals can make concrete contributions to help Get Out the Vote on November 6. For a list of things you can do as an individual, click here. The Big Blue Wave needs YOU!


Workers Solidarity Network Workgroup

We have had a busy month. We held our annual Driscoll's boycott Global Day of Action on September 29th. On this day we, along with many others across the country, went into our local grocery stores where we left flyers about why we are boycotting and hand-delivered letters to managers asking them to stop carrying Driscoll berries. We then had a freeway action where we stood with our boycott Driscoll signs for an hour.

We also joined workers from Red Hawk Casino and UNITE-HERE to distribute information about Marriott Hotel's so-called “Green Choice” program and how it harms workers.


Protecting Public Lands Workgroup

The Protecting Public Lands workgroup has spent the last month preparing a series of alerts to provide talking points for EDP members to share with family and friends regarding the upcoming election. We have highlighted Tom McClintock's dismal record on the environment (he earned a score of 0% in 2017 for his voting record on environmental issues from the League for Conservation Voters, 4% in 2018!). We know that our beautiful public lands are a treasure for the residents of District 4, and looking at McClintock's record, it is obvious that he does not share these values. Please take a few moments to read our series of message alerts at https://eldoradoprogressives.org/env-alerts.

Last month a group of EDP-ers volunteered to helped clean up the American River through the American River Conservancy. It was good, satisfying work with a lovely BBQ afterward. 


Social Networking Workgroup

Social Networking is not a volunteering group, it's a "for the volunteers" group, aimed at providing opportunities for us to get to know each other to cheer the good times and provide moral support when events take a toll on our souls. EDP camaraderie is palpable!
We recently hosted a movie outing to see the brilliant "Fahrenheit 11/9." The consensus of the group that attended was that everyone should see this informative but scary, depressing yet energizing film. We left feeling inspired to mobilize, vote, and volunteer to Get Out the Vote.
Be on the lookout for more of these "just for fun" events in the future, and attend whenever you can. If you have an idea for a social get-together of any kind, let's talk! Send your suggestions to EDPSocial@tegnelink.com.


Formerly known as Social Organizing, the group's name has been changed to Social Networking to broaden its scope to include promoting businesses that support progressive values. If you know of a such a business, send the contact information to EDPSocial@tegnelink.com and we'll give them a shout out!

We're also working to bring in more promotional materials and are pleased to announce our EDP Tote Bag, imprinted with the EDP logo and the four values of the progressive movement. Great conversation starter! Priced at $15 and available at EDP meetings.


Young Progressives

Day in the Park: Sept. 8 was a very good day to hang out in the sun, eat tacos, and listen to speakers and music. It was an even better day to register to vote and 11 people did! Many thanks to our Young Progressives Anika Schmidt and Lauren Tilley who dreamt up and spearheaded the event, and to the many others who helped with food, table set-up, voter registration, and myriad other activities.


Special Events: A Weekend with John Pavlovitz

The John Pavlovitz weekend of events was wonderful according to the folks who were there. One attendee said, “He is SO human, and so relevant!” People left feeling hopeful, and with ideas about how to remain hopeful during these stressful and often discouraging times. If you weren’t able to attend and want to know more about John’s thoughts and writing, you can subscribe (free) to his blog post email here: https://johnpavlovitz.com.


Healthcare Workgroup

Over the past few months, the Healthcare Workgroup has continued distributing the Wallet Cards. Most notably, 100 in Spanish for utilization in distribution in packets by the Immigration Workgroup. The South Lake Tahoe Version has been distributed via a community collaborative there both in English and Spanish. Planning continues for ‘House Parties’ about Medicare for All for fall onwards.
The Workgroup will not be meeting until after the November elections as we concentrate our efforts to ‘Get Out The Vote’.


Immigration Rights Workgroup

Brake light repair event
See what happens when a small group of volunteers come together for a morning? We held our first-ever brake light repair event to assist low-income people (anyone who showed up was helped) who can’t afford the repair and even more so can’t afford to get a ticket. It was a definite success. We’ll be holding more events such as this in the future. Watch for details and come on down and help!